7 Quick Takes about last-minute Halloween costumes, a great new book for Fall, and popping the Dom on a Tuesday night

October 31, 2014 | 10 comments

— 1 —

Yesterday I issued a “$10 and 10 Minutes” Halloween costume challenge on my new Facebook page! I asked people to give me suggestions for Halloween costumes that use no more than $10 in supplies (outside of normal household stuff) and take no more than 10 minutes to put together.

I got a bunch of fabulous suggestions, which you can see here. Who knew being on Facebook could be this fun?

— 2 —

We had our pastor, Fr. Dean Wilhelm, over for dinner on Tuesday. We talked, laughed, got blessings for our house and for the kids’ new rosaries, and drank Dom Perignon.


For the record, drinking Dom is not part of our usual Tuesday night activities at the Fulwiler house. Someone once gave us a bottle as a gift, and we decided that there could hardly be a more special occasion to open it than having the pastor of our church over for dinner. (I just hope that he doesn’t expect it every time he comes over!)

— 3 —

Fr. Dean is an impressive guy — he attended the Pontifical North American College and the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome and skillfully manages our parish of over 6, 000 families. Yet one of my favorite things about Fr. Dean is that he greets each family as they enter the religious education building for the parish Mother’s Day Out program. Almost every morning that the school is in session, we see him standing at the entrance, smiling at everyone and greeting most people by name.

This evidently makes a big impression on the kids, too.

One day Joe took our three-year-old to class, and when they approached the building he pointed to Fr. Dean and asked her, “Who is that?”

“That’s Father Dean!” she exclaimed.

“And what does he do at our parish?” Joe asked.

She replied casually: “He holds the door.”

— 4 —

The Busted Halo Show on SiriusXM has been doing a new segment called Saints of Our Lives, where they dramatize the lives of the saints in a combination improv/soap opera/goofy melodrama style. Every single episode has me laughing uproariously, and I usually manage to learn something about the lives of the saints too.

The segments are available to listen to for free online, which you can find on the Busted Halo Show page. A few to get you started:

— 5 —

7qt177-downward-waySpeaking of cool radio segments, I had a great conversation with Dan Lord on my radio show yesterday about his experience of being under spiritual attack. If you have any interest in that subject at all, I highly recommend reading the story of his experience on his blog here. (I’ll also have a podcast of the interview up soon!)

Also, Dan has a wonderful new novel out called By the Downward Way. His writing style is like a combination of C.S. Lewis and Orson Scott Card and J.R.R. Tolkien. If you’re looking for a rich Fall read that’s beautifully written, very engrossing, and a little creepy (in a good way), I highly recommend it.

— 6 —

Since I can’t get on top of my to-do list enough to create a page that lists all my upcoming speaking engagements, I’ll just tell you here!

  • AUSTIN: I’ll be the emcee of the John Paul II Life center benefit dinner this Friday, November 7.
  • DALLAS: I’m speaking at St. Monica parish on Friday, November 14 at 7 PM. (I’ll also be speaking to a women’s group there on Saturday the 18th but I don’t have the details for that one handy.)
  • NASHVILLE: I’ll be one of the speakers at the big SEEK 2015 conference the first weekend in January.

If you’re in any of these areas, I’d love to see you!

— 7 —

Lino Rulli is back here in Austin this coming week, and I’ll be co-hosting his show with him again! We had a blast last time, so I’m really looking forward to doing it again. If you’re a SiriusXM subscriber, be sure to tune in!

Happy Halloween and All Saints Day!



  1. Laura the Ringmistress

    I’m in DFW and would love to come near you talk. But about those dates…November 17 is a Monday. I want to get this on my calendar but I’m not sure what day to fill in given the discrepancy.

    • Casey

      Laura the Ringmistress, I checked the St. Monica website events calendar, and it looks like it’s November 14. I’m in the Dallas area too and wanted to make sure I didn’t miss it! 🙂

    • Jennifer Fulwiler

      Arrrgh!!! That’s what I get for writing while exhausted. It’s Friday the 14th. 🙂 Thanks for checking!

      • Elizabeth

        So excited to host you at St. Monica! Friday the 14th the event starts at 7:00 pm and Saturday the 15th is the talk for moms at 10:00 am. More details on the St. Monica webpage. All are welcome! http://www.stmonicachurch.org

  2. Jason Schaum

    Way to get your Fridsy post up before the madness of costumes & Halloween begins!! Just wanted to say I’m really enjoying the Sirius show! Great shows each week. Keep up the great work!

  3. Ann-Marie

    I LOVE Fr. Dean! He is the best. So funny, and jolly.

  4. Jessica Snell

    Your quick take about your pastor made me smile, because I love watching how the priests at our church interact with my children, too. 🙂

  5. Brian Sullivan

    As for Father holding the door, a few saints have been porters for their orders, so…. 🙂

  6. Maureen

    I loved the Dan Lord story you linked to. What a powerful story of the freedom found in Christ alone and a good reminder not to dabble AT ALL. Perfect timing for Halloween. God bless you!

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