7 Quick Takes about podcasts, getting back into a routine, and asking your radio guests to fold your laundry

October 17, 2014 | 9 comments

— 1 —

Well…that was an insane six months.

Since April, I’ve released a book, done four out-of-state book/media tours, celebrated six family birthdays, co-hosted the Edel Gathering, took three young children to North Carolina for ten days, started the homeschool year, and started a radio show.

Last week marked the end of the Six Months O’ Craziness — I don’t have any major upcoming commitments that would significantly impact our weekly routine, and I’m getting used to doing the radio show. It was a fun few months, but I’m very glad that things might be getting back to our normal level of chaos.

— 2 —

I continue to be amazed at how well Mother Teresa’s advice for remaining peaceful works, even when you’re busy or overwhelmed. Thanks to that life-changing wisdom, I can honestly say that I haven’t been all that stressed out during these past few months, even though I was overbooked. If you haven’t read that post where I recounted her priest friend’s life-changing wisdom, I highly recommend checking it out!

— 3 —

Singer/songwriter Marie Miller joined me on my radio show this week — and she was actually an in-studio guest! It’s rare that I can have a guest come to the studio, considering that it is located in a corner of my bedroom.

The show went so well. Unfortunately we got bumped for some guy named Cardinal Dolan who had news about some “synod” thing, but it is available on demand on SiriusXM. If you’re a subscriber, I highly recommend checking it out!


(I was tempted to ask her to fold some towels during the segment where she was just listening.)

— 4 —

I’ll be able to share part of the show as a free podcast soon! I should have that set up this week or next. I’ve been lucky enough to have some amazing guests like Karen Hughes, Brandon Vogt, Taylor Marshall, Lisa-Jo Baker, Br. Guy Consolmango, and Marie Miller, so I can’t wait to get those discussions out there.

— 5 —

Speaking of podcasts, I’ve been listening to a ton of them lately, and I’ve discovered a new favorite: This Inspired Life. The host, Kristin, is a Catholic mom who has a knack for finding interesting guests and choosing great questions that make for fascinating conversations. She’s off to a very strong start for having a relatively new podcast. I can’t wait for more episodes!

— 6 —

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Mary Lenaburg through the online world, and I even got to meet her in person when I was in Virginia recently! She’s even sweeter in person than she seems on her blog and on Instagram — her smile is so warm and huge and generous that I noticed it in the crowd when I was speaking, even before I realized it was her.

Her beautiful daughter Courtney’s time on this earth might be nearing its end, and in addition to the grief that Mary and her husband have to bear, they also are facing enormous medical expenses, in addition to potential funeral expenses. If you could spare a few dollars for their GoFundMe campaign to help ease at least the financial part of their burden, I know it would be very much appreciated.

— 7 —

Marie Miller and I had fun creating a song that was originally for my radio show, but we want to put out there as a little gift to you guys. It is just fabulous — truly, she hit the ball out of the park — so look forward to hearing it next week!



  1. Hevel

    Trying to stay on top of things with a large family (currently we have all but one of the kids at home… so 19 of us in the house) is only possible, in my experience, if you can remain peaceful. Panic and anxiety just generates more chaos. Sometimes just taking a step back is an awesome way too get calm.

    Mary and her family are in our thoughts a lot. I hope they can find joy and strength during Courtney’s remaining time.

  2. Nell @ Whole Parenting Family

    Jen, you are so kind to always do the linkup despite your crazy last 6 months! Thank you for creating this space for us.

    And wow–talk about insanely busy–you’ve been doing so much above & beyond the normal writer-homemaker-homeschooler insanity. Way to go. Clearly the graces were flowing!

  3. Kristin Sanders

    Aw thank you so much for the shout out Jen!!!!!!!!
    PS. Your post on Mother Teresa’s “secret to not being overwhelmed” is one of my absolute favorite posts I’ve read on parenting (even though, er, it wasn’t necessarily about parenting). I love it, thanks for the reminder!!

  4. Catherine

    I have always loved that post of yours about Mother Teresa’s schedule.

    And I totally laughed out loud about your laundry folding request! Love that basket in the photo.

  5. Mary

    WOW! thank you my sweet friend for the shout out. We are enjoying each day with our girl. She is fighting hard to remain with us as long as possible. God has been so very good. Hugs from Virginia!!

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  7. De Maria


    I always attributed that to the peace that Christ gives (John 14:27). Before my conversion from atheism, I could never do enough. I remember feeling as though the winds of time were blowing by me. I felt as though I was walking into a hurricane, never making any headway. I remember thinking that it was January and then Christmas. Where did the time go?

    But, after my conversion, it all changed. I first noticed the difference when someone said, “My goodness, its already June, before you know it, it will be Christmas!” But I no longer felt that way. I almost felt like a little boy again, you know, “When will Christmas get here? Its taking forever!”

    Another symptom of the new me, was when the things on my to do list, didn’t get done and guess what? The world didn’t come to an end.

  8. A.J. Cattapan

    I clicked over to read the Mother Teresa post, and I’m pretty sure I’ve been running in survival mode, and I’m not even married or have kids! I’ve just over-committed myself to so many things. I have a feeling it’s going to take a while for Mother Teresa’s advice to sink in for me.

  9. the other Becky

    Hope you don’t mind me using your comment box for this, Jen, but I hope that someone here knows Heather at Mamaknows personally and can tell her that her website license is expired. I don’t know what that means, except that is what I get when I try to look at her website, instead of getting HER words, and HER stick figure drawings, which I want.

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