I’m finally on Facebook! (At least no one can say I rushed into this decision.)

October 29, 2014 | 14 comments

After thinking about it for, oh, EIGHT YEARS, I’ve finally decided to get on Facebook. You can check out my page here, or like it by clicking the button below:



Technically the page has been up for a while, but it was just an auto-generated feed of my blog posts. Now that I have a radio show I found myself thinking, “I wish there were a way to chat with people that had the immediacy of Twitter but the ability to have longer discussions of blogging. Someone should invent something like that!”

It finally dawned on me that that does exist, it’s called Facebook, and I am pretty much the last person on the planet not to be on it.

Bear with me as I figure out this new format (I actually just Googled how to share link on Facebook like I am 80 and living in 2007). I’ll get the hang of it one of these days, and I look forward to having this new way to keep in touch!

Happy Halloween week!


  1. Mitzi

    Ha, ha!! “like I’m 80 and living in 2007.” You’re like that lady in the commercial for NOT Geico insurance.

  2. Will D.

    “it’s called Facebook, and I am pretty much the last person on the planet not to be on it.”
    Second-to-last. I’m not on it, and I don’t plan on getting on it.

    • Susan

      Ditto. In fact, it is one of my life’s goals to be the last person alive not on Facebook.

      • Laura

        Agreed. I even miss out on the deals/coupons (which I LOVE!) to stand firm in my resolve to never join.

  3. the other Becky

    Strictly speaking I have a Facebook page, but I have never put anything on it myself, and I can’t even understand what is on it from anyone else, nor can I follow any discussion on other people’s who have friended me. I have learned that all these new modern ways to communicate are also very much ways to not communicate. I really hate being told that I did not find out about something in a timely manner because I don’t look at someone’s Facebook page every day. Are there no phones? No mail? I have enough trouble keeping up with my email and phone messages. I really don’t want to have another thing I am having trouble keeping up with. So don’t post anything on Facebook without first posting it here, so those of us who make you NOT the last person to communicate on Facebook won’t miss what you say. Please.

    • Josephine Camilleri

      Agree 100%…….!!

  4. Eva

    I really enjoy Facebook usually but are two extremes that I see in my life- people who share way, way too much that you really don’t want to know and then people who wear there ‘I have no Facebook’ badge so loud and proud that they refuse to acknowledge that they have heard any information (from someone else who has read it on FB) unless it’s been engraved on porcelain and delivered by carrier pigeon to them personally.

    Both equally annoying!

  5. Jess

    I don’t have an account on Facebook, either, so let me state for the record that I like you, Mrs. Jen Fulwiler! (Insert visual of my hearty thumbs-up here.)

  6. Walt Mateja

    Jennifer, thank you so much for your postings on your blog.
    Your insights and thoughts are a great inspiration and sharing them always encourages us to stay in tune with our own experiences and feelings on spirituality.
    May God continue to bless you and your family.
    Vivat Jesus

  7. Mary

    I would love a post about how your husband and family are handling your crazy schedule right now. This is not meant to be snarky!! I really am curious about how they are managing with you gone a lot right now. 🙂

  8. Meg

    ok, I’m like 60 and it’s already 2014, and I use facebook all the time but I don’t get twitter at all…welcome to my world Jennifer

  9. Marcy K.

    Yay! My blog’s Facebook page autoposts to Twitter and I can finally tag you and not have the words Conversion Diary come up. 🙂 Welcome to Facebook.

  10. Marilyn Rodrigues

    Welcome to Facebook! Don’t feel too bad, there are plenty of non-Facebookers or new-Facebookers who are still cool people. I only started using it regularly myself this year : )

  11. Gina

    Just when I was resolving to spend less time on Facebook! So much for that. 🙂 Seriously, very happy to have you there!

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