Edel tickets go on sale today!

November 19, 2014

I am thrilled to announce that tickets for the 2015 Edel Gathering go on sale this morning, Wednesday 11/18, at 11:00 AM ET!

Here is the link to purchase tickets to Edel ’15!



When you get your ticket, you can print out this PDF for all your egregious #edel15 selfie needs. (Checking out all of the selfies for the last Edel was the highlight of my month. I have been looking forward to this part since the moment we decided to do Edel ’15!)

. . .


I want to celebrate with an audio montage of people announcing they’re coming, to play on my SiriusXM radio show this week! Record a clip of yourself saying “My name is [first name] and I’m coming to Edel!” and email it to me at conversiondiary+audio@gmail.com by Thursday morning.

If you have a smartphone, you should be able to record it with your audio app and email it right from the app. And background noise is welcome! In fact, I’d prefer a clip that gives a sense of your home or workplace from the sounds in the background.

(We pronounce “Edel” like uh-DELL, like the singer Adele’s name, but you’re welcome to pronounce it however you’d like!)

. . .


I haven’t yet had a chance to tell you about our speakers for this year! I’m delighted to announce that Rachel Balducci and Kelly Mantoan will be giving talks, and Jenny Uebbing will be the emcee again. If you aren’t already familiar with these wonderful ladies, allow me to introduce them to you:

  • Rachel Balducci is a newspaper columnist for the Southern Cross, and a co-host of The Gist television talk show. She is the author bestselling book, How Do You Tuck in a Superhero?, a humorous collection of essays about her life raising boys. She is also as sweet and as funny as she seems from her book and her blog, Testosterhome.
  • Kelly Mantoan is a professional karaoke rapper and a blogger extraordinaire at This Ain’t the Lyceum. Her writing alternates between being breathtakingly poignant and fall-off-your-chair funny as she chronicles her life as a homeschooling mother of five children.
  • Jenny Uebbing is a columnist for Catholic News Agency and Catholic Exchange who has the superpower of being able to emcee an entire conference while carrying a baby in a sling the whole time. She blogs at Mama Needs Coffee, and reheats the same shot of espresso three times a day.

. . .



IMPORTANT HOTEL UPDATE: We sold out of our first block of hotel rooms at the Francis Marion, we got another one, and now we have sold out of that one too.

We have a new block of rooms at the discounted rate of $209 and you can make your reservation here. We are not sure how many more blocks of rooms we will be able to get, so I recommend making your reservation sooner rather than later. Also, you can see a list of other nearby hotels here.

. . .


Please direct any questions to edelgathering@gmail.com or to the Edel Facebook page. (I’m closing comments here to make sure all questions go to the same place and get prompt responses.)

. . .


At the last Edel Gathering, I felt like I was surrounded by fellow cathedral builders — women who are glorifying God through hard, often hidden work that is largely ignored by the outside world. I felt like God gave us this weekend to take a break from the toil, and to remind us that we’re not alone. As I wrote at the time, it was as if God threw open the doors of the cathedral, and flooded it with fellow workers. The outside world may never appreciate what we do in our vocations, but it makes all the difference when you know that you’re not laboring alone.

I cannot wait to spend a weekend with you cathedral builders again.




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