Now that you’re done voting for the important stuff…

November 5, 2014 | 9 comments

I just got the very exciting news that my book, Something Other than God, is one of only 15 titles nominated in the Best Memoir and Autobiography category in the 2014 GoodReads Choice Awards! If you’d like to give it a vote, I would be so appreciative and honored!

Something Other than God

. . .

P.S. For those of you who were wondering how I’m managing to co-host Lino Rulli‘s show with him this week on top of being a homeschooling mother of six, here’s my secret:


I outsourced the homeschooling duties to Lino.

(And it was everything you might imagine it could be. We’ll be playing excerpts on the show today, Wednesday 11/5, on SiriusXM 129 from 5 – 7 ET.)

Have a great rest of the week!


  1. Jennifer Renne

    Jen, I love your name! Great book and I listen to your show! You and your girls are beautiful! Lino? Hysterical! I love italian men, I am married to one. Have a great day! Jen Renne

  2. Kristin Sanders

    Congrats on being nominated Jen!! I just voted, best of luck!! And that picture of Lino and your kids is hilarious. I can just imagine what type of none-sense he was teaching them! 😉 Haha

  3. Jamie

    Voted!! I loved your book; blew through it in two days!!

    <3 Jamie

  4. Holly @ Happiness This Hour

    CONGRATULATIONS! I will so be voting! Loved the book and agree that it absolutely deserves this honor!!

  5. mariel

    goinf to vote for you on good reads! : )

  6. Elizabethe

    Already done! Can’t wait till podcasts are available!

  7. Jamie

    Go, Jen, Go!!! That’s awesome!!!!

  8. Peggy

    I read your book as soon as it came out and passed it on to my daughter who read it immediately. I voted. I, too, am looking forward to your shows being podcasted.

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