Who was your 2014 angel?

December 17, 2014 | 4 comments

voice-memo-screenshotThe other day I came across a clip from the end of It’s a Wonderful Life, a movie which has a surprising ability to turn me into a mushy, sentimental mess. I got all teary-eyed to see how the imperfect angel, Clarence Odbody, gave George a new lease on life by coming to him in his darkest hour.

I think one of the reasons I find that scene so touching is because I’ve had so many Clarence Odbodys in my own life. I can’t think of a single crisis I’ve gone through that didn’t involve God sending some “angel” in the form of a kind friend, neighbor, or family member who helped see me through.

I bet you also have angels in your own life, and I thought it would be fun to recognize them on the radio this Christmas!

Send me an audio clip at conversiondiary+audio@gmail.com telling me about an “angel” who helped you in 2014, and I’ll play it during the Christmas edition of my radio show on SiriusXM!

It’s easy!

  1. Open up your smartphone’s Voice Memo app.
  2. Record a message saying your name, the name of your 2014 angel, and what he or she did that was meaningful to you. (And don’t worry about making it perfect! Nobody will notice a few “umm”s and “uhh”s.)
  3. Use your app’s share button to email it to me at conversiondiary+audio@gmail.com .

Here’s an example:

“Hi, I’m Greg from Cincinnati. My 2014 angel was our neighbor, Angela. We had a series of illnesses in our family this year, and Angela arranged for neighbors to bring our family meals, as well as offering free babysitting for our kids, and she refused to let us do anything to repay her. We couldn’t have made it through without her. Thanks, Angela!”

Depending on volume, I might not be able to use every clip I get on the air — but if I use yours, I’ll email you and let you know, and I’ll include a virtual card you can pass along to your angel that says that he or she was mentioned on the show!

I need all clips by Saturday morning. Can’t wait to hear them!


  1. Tracy Bua Smith

    Ooooo I LOVE honoring the wonderful angels among us! I just sent you my recording! How fun! God bless!

  2. Julie

    What a great idea!

  3. Monica Benninghoff

    It’s nearly Christmas and I’m fried. Where do I send the audio clip? To an email address?

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