Your patron saint for 2015!

December 29, 2014 | 69 comments

It’s that time of year again!


I spent hours this weekend adding wonderful new saints to the list and updating the code, so the Saint’s Name Generator is cleaned up and ready to go.

Click here to get your patron saint for 2015!

One of my favorite New Year’s traditions is reading comments hearing about which saints people got and what that saint might mean to them. I’d love to hear about yours! I often have to close comments due to an enormous amount of spam, so if you can’t comment here on the blog leave a comment over on my Facebook page telling me who you got. I’m reading every one!

(I don’t have one yet because I thought it would be fun to choose live on my radio show next week, but I’ll let you know as soon as I have his or her name.)

Happy New Year!


  1. Natalie

    I received Saint Catherine of Genoa, whose feast day is September 15th and she is the patron saint for brides, against adultery, against temptation, childless people, difficult marriages, etc. My husband and I just got married on September 13th of this year, two days before her day of celebration! I am going to take this not as an omen, but instead that perhaps she has something to teach me and my husband about our marriage!

  2. Jen @ Into Your Will

    Blessed Chiara Badano! I just love how she’s one of the more recent saints-to-be! Definitely a good reminder that we are all called to be saints, even in modern times. And now I will be sure to pray for her canonization 🙂

  3. Shelley

    Interesting, St. Damien. I just read about him and he was a part of the Sacred Hearts. My church that I love is provided priests by the Sacred Hearts, but due to our pastor’s retirement and another priest’s cancer diagnosis, the diocese is taking over on Jan. 1. No more Sacred Hearts priests. I’m sure it will be fine, but I’m pretty sad as I have tried hard to get to know the priests and to have my young children do the same. Thanks 🙂

  4. De Maria

    What a wonderful project!

    My Saint’s name is Saint André Bessette. I had never heard of him. But what a wonderful story. I am proud to have him as my patron saint for 2015. Pray for me, St. André Bessette.

  5. el-e-e

    I was given St. Claude de la Colombiere. His feast day is February 15, which is my daughter’s birthday, and he is the patron of turners (lathe-workers). My two life struggles are this daughter, and my job.

    Recently, I have been praying about and trying to remember that I am “enough.” The prayer on St. Claude’s page says, “For my part I will glorify You by making known…that no sinner no matter how great his offences should have reason to despair of pardon. If I have grievously offended You, My Redeemer, let me not offend You even more by thinking that You are not kind enough to pardon Me.”

    It’s perfect. 🙂

  6. Tracy Bua Smith

    I got: St. Veronica
    Feast: July 12 (that’s my wedding anniversary too AND something else is going on that weekend in 2015. Edel anyone!??! 🙂 )

    Patronage: Against Bleeding; Laundry Workers; Seamstresses; Domestic Workers; Dying People; Photographers

    • Tracy Bua Smith

      Oh and each of my children used the generator and chose their Saint! They thought it was fun! 🙂

      • Maria

        I received St. Veronica, too. My birthday is July 12 and this year is a milestone birthday for me… pretty cool!

        What struck me most about her patronage was the combination of domestic work and creative work, which is kind of where I’m trying to find a balance right now. I also found this great article on St.Veronica and compassion:

        Maybe this is a nudge for me work on that virtue more.

  7. Casey@MyLoveIsTooLittle

    Well, I used the saint name generator twice, once at the beginning of Advent to pick a saint for the beginning of the new liturgical year and again just today to pick a saint for the beginning of the calendar year. The first time I got St. William of Perth (of Rochester) who is the patron saint of adopted children. The second time I got St. Erasmus (Elmo) who is the patron saint of, among other things, childbirth and childbirth pain. Confusing, much? And my Patron for 2014 was Catherine of Genoa, who is a patron of childless people, so maybe 2015 will hold some changes in the lack-of-children department. One can hope!

  8. Andi at Bringing the Sunshine

    St. Aloysius Gonzaga – I don’t think that’s an accident. My daughter (who is my oldest) turned twelve this month, meaning she’ll become a teenager at the end of 2015. He’s the patron of teenagers and young people!

  9. Mitzi

    Saint Pascal Baylon, patron of cooks, Eucharistic Congresses and Organizations, and shepherds. I will be reading up on him.
    Thank you for this, Jen. It’s a great way to learn more about who we will be spending eternity with!

  10. Mira

    I got Saint John Houghton!

    His biography begins with this sentence:

    “Graduated from Cambridge with degrees in civil and canon law.”

    Before I got my saint, I said a quick prayer to God to help me with my studies. And then I get St. John, who I’ve never even heard of! I don’t think it was a coincidence.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful project and have a happy and blessed New Year! Looking forward to hearing about your patron saint for 2015. 🙂

  11. Katelyn

    Interesting!! I’m assuming Jen programmed this “randomly” into our Lord’s hands….I got St. Frances of Rome, who was formerly unbeknownst to me!
    Feast: March 9
    Patronage: Automobile Drivers; Death of Children; Lay People; People Ridiculed for Their Piety; Taxi Drivers; Widows

    My second daughter turns 16 Friday, and going to the DMV! I now know to whom I’ll entrust her to. I love patroness of laity and white martyrs…not so much widows and death of children, although with a son born on feast of Holy Innocents and another son we’ve grieved for loss of his mental health, God does indeed know and love beyond all measure.

    Cool project, on point!

  12. Rosemary

    St. Francis Xavier. One of my son’s middle name is Xavier and I have a sneaking suspicion he is going to be quite a handful as he enters toddlerhood, so perhaps I’ll need all the intercession I can get from his patron! 😉 (Right now he is throwing all his animals out of his crib instead of napping and shouting loudly enough that his twin brother can’t nap in another room. At least it is happy shouting, so far.)

  13. Sara

    I received Saint Martha…the patron saint of butlers, cooks, hospitality, etc. Funny, because a former priest compared me (in a good way) to Martha in a sermon because I am always cooking and hosting parties. However, I need to focus more on Jesus at times just as Mary did!

  14. Lisa

    Last year I received St. George as my patron saint. I didn’t travel to England, slay any dragons, or get VD. Whew! But I have a surprise baby who we didn’t name George.
    This time I got St. Dymphna. She is the patron saint of epileptics, asylum inmates, people with mental illness, and princesses. She is quite appropriate for our family given that one son has epilepsy, some of us have a touch of mental illness, and with now ten kids ages 0-18 this house sometimes feels like an asylum. My daughters think they are princesses too. 🙂

  15. Adrie | A Little Wife's Happy Life

    Another case of a non-accidental, non-random saint… St. Anthony of Padua for me this year.

    Just the encouragement this gal needed- it’s been a hard year dealing with continued infertility, and St. Anthony is the patron saint of infertility!

  16. Anneliese

    I was given St. Gianna Molla. I’m not sure if she’s the best saint for me. I’m single and I’m not pregnant. Maybe it’s a sign things will turn around and I’ll get married and get pregnant by the end of the year. I guess it’s something to pray for in the new year. 🙂

    • Peony Moss

      It could also mean that you are going to enter medical school, or take up skiing 🙂

      • Anneliese

        I think I have a better chance of having a miraculous conception than getting into med school…or taking up skiing.

    • Elisabeth

      She is a very cool lady. Strong and intelligent–I’m sure there will be something she will show you this year!

  17. Meg

    St John of Capistrano. The Holy Spirit is so smart! Patron of lawyers/judges, last year I prayed for his intercession for a friend who was hoping to be appointed a judge, I live near the city of San Juan Capistrano, my dad was a lawyer and St. John of Capistrano’s feast day is on the day my dad passed away, Oct 23. I’m sure there is a message here. What a wonderful gift.

  18. Ted

    I was given St. Radegunde whom I had never heard of. Two of the things she is patron of are Loss of Parents and Ulcers. In 2014 I lost my father and found out I had a bleeding ulcer that put me in the hospital literally on the same day.

  19. Kelly

    St. Peter Ou – I had never heard of him before. I am looking forward to getting to know him this year.

  20. Sarah Reinhard

    St. Maria Goretti – hmmm. I’m familiar with her, but have no real devotion to her, but I guess THAT’s about to change.

  21. Heather Kristine

    I received St. Bonaventure. He is the patron saint of intestinal issues. I will take that as confirmation that I should continue to explore the GAPS diet which I was just reading about yesterday to heal my digestive system. Thanks for this, Jen.

  22. Judy

    What a great idea to have a saint for 2015. It generated St. Faustian for me. After doing a internet search, there is a lot to study there on her life. Patron Saint of Mercy, she has a diary, Divine Mercy-Jesus, I Trust in You, feast is in October, my birthday month.

    I am excited to make this part of my New Year. I am not into resolutions, so this is ideal.

    Thanks for doing this Jennifer!

    Dream Big Always,

  23. Megan Marie

    I got St. Bonaventure, patron saint against intestinal problems…for the last two and a half years I’ve struggled with intestinal problems, and no answers from doctors, praying this year will bring answers!

  24. Sarah

    I got St. Anne Line. She was called a friend of priests, and is the patron St. of childless people, widows, and converts. She was disowned by her Calvinist father when she converted to Catholicism. My family is Calvinist, but I’ve been looking into Catholicism recently, so she is the perfect St. for me!

  25. Joan

    I was given Saint Rita of Cascia which was perfect because I have a son that is sick and also has autism. St. Rita of Cascia: Patron Saint of the Impossible, sick and many other things.

  26. Peony Moss

    St Stephen the Protomartyr, feast December 26 (of Good King Wescenlas fame.) I have no idea why he picked me. Hopefully it won’t be because I’m going to get stoned to death.

  27. Lance Haberin

    St. Alphonsos Maria de Liguori

    I know of him but not about. This is my third year doing this and have had a great time learning about my yearly saints.

    Thank you again for reminding me of this wonderful tool!

    God Bless and Happy New Year!

  28. Amanda L.

    Got St. Joachim, the husband of my patron saint (Ann) as my patron saint for the year!

  29. Elizabeth

    I received Saint William of Rochester, patron saint of adopted children, who had a misspent youth but converted in adulthood. It seems very apropos to me because this week I started a new job working in a group home for teenage boys who can no longer live with their families (whether those are biological, adoptive, or foster families). Today I was reading the case histories of the guys and it was a tough day for me – both because some of their childhood histories are really heartbreaking, and also because it can be disturbing to read accounts of some of their past behaviors toward others. I was praying today asking God how I can show Christ’s love to these guys, and I feel like receiving St. William is a good step in that direction. I’m asking St. William to pray for these guys and to pray for me to know how to show God’s love to them.

  30. carolyn

    I received St Ambrose of Milan – who, I soon learned, was such an amazing speaker he is frequently depicted with bees to symbolize his honey-tongued speeches. Since my year will begin with my doing a training presentation as the last step in the hiring process for a job I REALLY want – I am taking this as a very good sign.

  31. Gregg

    St. Bernardine of Siena – his feast day is my wedding anniversary. I need to be a better husband. Also he promoted devotion to the Holy Name.

  32. Janet

    Every year, the Saint Generator gives me a patron that has a very special meaning for my life. I have received saints like Acca and Pope Damasus, saints I never heard of before, but after some research the providence of these choices became crystal clear!

    This year’s saint is especially meaningful. My father died two weeks ago. He led a full and long life and was an exemplary father and husband. But he lost his faith years ago. He was a very devout young man who would attend daily Mass well into his 30s and 40s. He also had had a devotion to Our Lady of Fatima. I don’t quite know what happened but when he died, he had not been to church in decades. This morning, I prayed before I used the Saint Generator and received Bl. Alexandrina Maria de Costa. I had heard of her but did not know much about her. She was a victim soul who lived in Portugal in the early 20th century. She suffered greatly and her sufferings united her to Christ and his Passion. But imagine my sense of awe as I read that she was considered the “fourth seer of Fatima”. I will be praying for her intercession for my father’s soul. This has brought me great peace today!

  33. Line

    St Isidore the Farmer 🙂

  34. Beth

    I got St. Aelred of Rievaulx…writer, educator, etc. I’m not sure how his intersession and inspiration will aid me this year, but I trust that he’ll lead me closer to Christ.

    By the way, I’ve used the saint name generator before when you posted it, but SOMEHOW, I managed to not realize that you actually CREATED it! How on Earth did I miss that!? At any rate, I’m quite impressed and grateful. Thanks so much for this gift!!

  35. Jane M

    ; ) I got Saint John of God who I had never heard of before. He’s a patron saint of nurses – my oldest is a nurse — and of firefighters — and my second is a volunteer firefighter. He was totally impulsive and that’s my youngest daughter to a T. The prayer that goes with him is that if we have a good impulse we should not lose it or talk ourselves out of it. That goes with my second son in a very important way so this was really fun. Thanks!

  36. whitewaterlily

    I got Blessed Anne Marie Taigi, patron of victims of verbal spouse abuse…


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  38. Ouiz


  39. Ouiz

    I got St. Vincent Ferrer. I remembered seeing his picture from saint books when I was younger, but didn’t know much about him. He was a Dominican who spent his life preaching. I didn’t feel much of a connection so, I’ll admit it, I clicked a few more times: St. Mark, St. Paul, and St. Francis de Sales. It seems the theme of preaching, evangelizing, and lots of talking (!) is coming through. I do talk a lot (eek) and I do lead a Bible study, so maybe this is where it’s going? Don’t know…

  40. Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

    I got St. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort! Love him!


    Happy New Year!!! And God bless!!

    In Christ,


  41. Mike McGilligan

    What a great idea. I have been thinking about an appropriate saint for some time but couldn’t decide on which one to choose. I got St. Joachim, father of Our Lady. His feast day is only 3 days from my birthday and I have been reflecting on how I need a greater devotion to Our Lady, and only last week I was reading about St. Joachim for the first time.

  42. Stephanie

    Hey Jen, I need some Catholic help. I chose a saint for the year – now what? Protestants often choose a word or a scripture to pray and meditate over for the year. I genuinely believe God led me to my saint this year, but I don’t quite know what to do with it now that I have it.

    Also, mine was St Brigid – patron saint of babies, poets, scholars, and fugitives. I love her already. 🙂

  43. Hevel

    Your Saint Generatopr

  44. Hevel

    Oops, no idea what happened. So your saint generator must know I’m Jewish, because I didn’t get anyone. I even made a screenshot 😀 (I hope your comments allow embedding.)

  45. Suzette Mahoney

    We did this as a family last night after dinner. My 17 year old got St. John Neuman; my 19 year old (who isn’t practicing the faith) got St. Paula of Rome; my husband got St. Ezekiel Moreno y Diaz and I got St. Philomena. (!!!!!) Thanks for this! Oh, and my mother-in-law got St. Sebastian.

  46. Laurel

    I was picked by St. Mary Magdalene de Pazza. She is the patron saint of bodily ills, sexusl temptation and sickness. I’ve been down with the flu for a few days now so this seems appropriate. I’ve read a little of her bio and she seems like a fascinating person. I’m looking forward to learning more about her in 2015. I hope I’m able to be drawn closer to the Lord through this saint.

  47. Susan

    St. Aloysius Gonzaga

  48. Alison

    I got St. Anselm, of whom I’ve never heard. From preliminary reading, it seems like an appropriate and challenging fit for this year. Happy New Year!

  49. Cajuntexasmom

    Ermergersh! St. Therese 🙂 My superfave!

  50. priest's wife @byzcathwife

    St John Bosco! patron saint of loads of things! 😉

    Happy 2015!….I wish I could make it to Edel….maybe next year you can do it on the West coast??? pretty please?

  51. nancyo

    This year the saint generator gave me St. Isidore the Farmer. I’m not sure what this might mean for me. I’ve been very moved by my assigned saints in past years, so I will stay open to any messages from St. Isidore!

  52. Clara

    I received St Ulric of Augsburg, feast day 4 July and patron saint: “Against Birth Complications; Against Dizziness; Against Faintness; Against Fever; Against Frenzy; Against Mice; Against Moles; Happy Death; Pregnant Women; Weavers”

    I’m hoping that because of the against birth complications and pregnant women, that maybe, just maybe this means our infertility might finally end in 2015. I will start asking St Ulric for intercession. 🙂

  53. Kate

    My family has chosen saints for three years now, and I just yesterday realized that this is your website! I read your book last summer, met you in SD in November after your talk, and I still recommend your book to everyone I meet. Our pastor, Fr. John, continues to mention your name and story in homilies at most masses (including Christmas AND the solemnity of Mary today!). We went to choose a saint this evening, and I was so glad to discover that it is your creation! I have a FANTASTIC story for you from two years ago. My 10 year old son had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in October. We quickly learned that a saint is apparently responsible for the discovery of insulin therapy, which essentially keeps Type 1 diabetics alive. Joseph Moscati became a very important saint in my son’s life and he began praying to him regularly. At Christmas, we bought him the movie about this great man and we all watched it together. We were so taken by so many parts of his story. So a few months later, on Jan. 1st, we sat down to all choose our saint. We went oldest to youngest, and prayed a short prayer before each ‘click’, as you suggest. When my son clicked on his, the screen showed the name ‘Giuseppe Moscati’. My son excitedly said ‘Mom! That saint has the same last name as Saint Joseph Moscati!’. With tears in my eyes, I yelled out ‘That IS Joseph Moscati! Giuseppe is the Italian form of Joseph!’. We were all in such disbelief that he was given this saint as his patron for the year and in awe at the Holy Spirit. My son continued fervent prayer to Saint Moscati and has kept him close to his heart. He continues to be in good health and enjoys everything he would if he did not have diabetes. Praise God!

  54. April

    I love how the Holy Spirit works, even in the little things such as these! I
    My eldest daughter age 5: St. Anne (I told her to say a quick prayer for her saint and she said a Hail Mary. I was wondering how that was a prayer for a saint and I guess I now know!)
    My youngest – Age 2: St. Gianna Molla
    My husband – a physician: St. Joseph Moscoti, whom we had never heard of and did not know he was a physician as well!!!!
    Myself – also a physician: St. Hedwig. I’m still trying to figure her out as I hadn’t heard of her before now!
    I LOVE this thing and told the rest of my family they needed to do it as well. I also think it interesting that my 3 girls and my husband all got matching gender saints randomly. Thanks so much!

  55. Grace

    I was wildly amused to get St. Clotilde, who is patron of:
    adopted children, against the death of children, brides, disappointing children, exiles, parenthood, parents of large families, people in exile, queens and widows.

    As a happily single person, bride is improbable and the rest impossible as I am neither a wife nor a parent.

    So I am left to wonder if perhaps I AM the disappointing child?

    Yikes… 🙂

  56. Pat the Protestant

    I got St. Francis of Assisi! I am so grateful to him and have asked him to pray with me about my animals many times! Thanks for providing this generator. I have gotten, in chronological order, St. James the Greater, St. John Capsistran, St Anthony (even though I haven’t any pigs), St. Matthew the Apostle and now St. Francis of Assisi. Wow! They have all been very significant to me. (Though sometimes puzzling.)

  57. Kristey Kelley

    So I said a quick, meaningful prayer asking that I get a saint that would be a good fit for my family to learn about this year. Lo and behold:
    St. Clotilde

    Feast: June 3

    Patronage: Adopted Children; Brides; Disappointing Children; Exiles; Parenthood; Parents of Large Families; Queens; Widows

    We are JUST beginning the process to adopt a child through DFPS here in Texas. HOW PERFECT IS THIS!!!! I cannot wait to learn more about her!

  58. Lorrayne

    I received one of my dear friends, St. Clare. We are poor ourselves, and I hate every moment of our poverty. Maybe St. Clare can teach me how to accept the poverty without resentment. Maybe she can help me in many other ways too. Our Lord knows I need it.

    Jennifer, thank you for having this every year. I can’t help you out financially, but I will ask Our Lady to reward you for doing it.

  59. Sarah

    St. Mary of Egypt. I’m not sure how I feel about this one…..

  60. Connie

    My randomly chosen patron saint took my breath away–John Paul II! I’ve always had a special devotion to him! I took my mom to the Mass he celebrated at the L.A. Coliseum when he came to Los Angeles, and she always said it was the high point of her life. On April 2, 2005, I was staying with relatives. We knew the Holy Father was dying, and I drove to a local Catholic church to say a few prayers. Every door of the church was locked, except one–right next to a statue of our Blessed mother. I entered the dark church and said a prayer to Mary. When I left the church, I learned he had passed away. I’ve always felt John Paul II unlocked that door for me, and that he unlocks many, many doors to knowledge and faith for all of us. Thanks for this great site! Truly led by the Holy Spirit!

  61. B

    Soooo, St. Peter Canisius. I was kind of bummed when it was all academic seeming until the part about his recognizing a sharp-tongued, hostile priest was suffering from emotional illness and he took him under his wing while also holding him to account. I am pregnant, which for me is the same as being emotionally ill since I just can not enjoy anything when I am pregnant. And since the baby will be born at our busiest time of the year, I assume I will still need St. Peter Canisius to keep me close and walking upright. I think I will try this with the kids tonight before school starts again and see what turns up. Should be interesting.

  62. Johanna

    Prayed for someone patient and relatable to guide me through 2015… and not French or Italian (yeah, harsh, but they bleed together in my mind and they’re hard to relate to :/)
    I got Andrew Dung Lac, of all people. I’m getting the impression he volunteered.

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