A week of daily radio shows — here we go!

February 2, 2015

Exciting news! SiriusXM and I decided that it would be fun to see what it would be like if I did a daily two-hour radio show for one week! (We’ll talk later about why my idea of “fun” always involves extremely intense activities that test my endurance and the human ability to survive without sleep.) That’s right, that means that…

My radio show will be live from 2 – 4 PM ET on SiriusXM Channel 129, every single day this week!



If Monday’s show is any indication, this week is going to be a blast. I’m commenting on Youtube clips, chatting with callers, making ridiculous jokes, and playing sound clips of my kids screaming while I try to prep for the show. As if that’s not enough goodness, here are a few of the fantastic guests I’m going to have:

It’s going to be a greeeeaaaaat week. If you have SiriusXM, I’d love for you to tune in. And if you don’t, I’ll have a “best of” podcast at the end of the week. Wish me luck, and say a prayer that it all goes well!

(If you’d like to follow along with how it’s going — even if only out of morbid curiosity — I’ll be doing regular updates over on Facebook.)


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