Here it is! The song we created from YOUR responses about crazy days at church!

March 22, 2015 | 4 comments

I was blown away by all the responses to my request last week that you describe your worst church experience in 10 words or fewer. (And by “blown away” I mean “I stayed up until 1:30 AM Wednesday night laughing until I cried.) You can see the HILARIOUS comments people left on Facebook here.

Musician Marie Miller kindly helped me put together a song using your responses as lyrics. She is extremely talented and I am a huge fan of her music — look her up on iTunes when you get a chance! (Her song 6′ 2″ is my favorite.)

Marie was my guest on my SiriusXM radio show on Thursday, and we sung the song we created based on your church disaster stories, live on the air! Check it out:


(Direct link if you can’t see the embedded version.)


(Direct link if you can’t see the embedded version.)

I hope it brightens your day as much as it did mine. And thank you again for the wonderful responses!


  1. Will

    I may very well sing this next time “City of God” is used at Mass.

  2. Joseph


    Thank you for writing your book. I loved it, not long and very well written.

    My dad was an atheist, but thankfully converted before I was born (1977). As a scientist, working in Silicon Valley, California, I sometimes am tempted to doubt our Lord, my environment and secular/anti-religious education don’t help. I bought your book to see if you had written anything I could use to help battle these temptations. I did find a few things in addition to your testimony, but I was very impressed with the quality of your writing and your ability to convey to us readers a first hand experience of your own thoughts.

    Where can I find the posts from when you first started blogging?

    I think you are a gifted writer.

    Praying for you and yours, please pray for us.

    In Christ,

  3. Charley

    Jennifer, thanks for making my week, the list and song are awesome!

    I think you guys might be on to something here.

  4. priest's wife (@byzcathwife)

    🙂 this is fun! …I think this should be sung if anyone gives a family the stink eye!

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