A horror movie about something truly terrifying: your cell battery dying just as the witching hour begins

April 23, 2015 | 3 comments

I had way too much fun on my SiriusXM radio show today. I defended the honor of the 1980s masterpiece of primetime,  Small Wonder, sang the worst rendition of the Facts of Life theme that has ever been recorded, and — best of all — created a trailer for a movie that needs to exist.

My producer, Jackie, and the assistant program director, Adam, worked together to create a trailer for a horror movie based on one of the most blood-chilling moment in any parent’s life: when the 5 PM witching hour is about to begin, and you see this:


So terrifying!!!

You can hear the trailer they created at about 4 min 30 sec in to today’s “best of” podcast from the show. We called our horror movie Twenty Percent:


(Here is the direct link if you can’t see the player.)


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  1. jen

    I *LOVED* “Small Wonder” back in the day!

  2. Donna

    I don’t remember the Small Wonder television show but I used to watch Facts of Life faithfully. I didn’t think anyone could sing that theme song badly. You proved me wrong! But it was oh so much fun to listen to!

  3. Lew

    Jen: I enjoyed the trip down memory lane with the old 80s-90s shows. I can respect that you are skeptical about the new Full House series, but I am hopeful about it because Candace Cameron is involved. She is a Christian woman and has expressed that the content will be family appropriate. I am often disgusted by the characters on the shows on The Disney Channel and ABC Family and the fact that children watch those shows and think that they should act like the children and teens on TV. If children are going to watch silly unrealistic shows, hopefully Fuller House will be better than the current options.

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