A hilarious chat with Abby Johnson’s husband about being fearless, living in small houses, and all-alcohol fad diets

May 21, 2015 | 2 comments

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been sending “after the show” audio clips to my email list, where I record bonus footage from my SiriusXM radio show with my iPhone after I go off the air. I’ve been wanting to offer a preview, and today’s clip is perfect!

My guest today was Doug Johnson, the husband of author and speaker Abby Johnson. Since he’s local, he was able to join me in my home studio. Normally I broadcast from a corner of my bedroom, but my room was actually so trashed that I had to move to my ten-year-old son’s room. And while Doug and I were on the air, I looked down and noticed the title of the book I’d used to raise my guest’s mic:


Nothing but class on the Jennifer Fulwiler Show.

When the show ended I hadn’t even gotten to half the questions I wanted to ask Doug, so I turned on my iPhone and kept the interview going. We had a TON of fun in this 14-minute discussion, and I wanted to share a preview with you:


(If you don’t see the player, click here.)

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I think you’ll LOVE hearing this chat. Doug and Abby are parents to five children, four of them under age three (yes, you read that correctly). We talked about that, of course. We also talked about:

  • Fitting big families into small houses
  • Choosing an actor to play him in the upcoming movie about his wife’s life
  • How he feels about being a stay-at-home dad
  • His and Abby’s perfect vision for their family (which is verrrrrry different from mine)
  • The pros and cons of doing an all-wine fad diet
  • Fearlessly following calls from God, even when he asks you to do something crazy (like, say, adopting a newborn when you already have three babies under age three)


You can connect with Doug at DougOnTap.com, on Facebook, and on Twitter. I hope you enjoy the chat as much as I did!


  1. Monica

    Hi! I really enjoyed this preview but when I clicked on the link in the e-mail I received, I got an error message. Would love to hear the rest!

  2. Annaleah

    Yay for big families in small houses! My husband and I have 5 children and we live in a 940 square foot house and we love it! Right now our kids are small, so they’re all together in one room, but when they’re older we’ll definitely be doing a boy room and a girl room!

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