Like Living Among Scorpions is out now!…and it’s the story of us

July 23, 2015 | 6 comments

I am thrilled to tell you that my new ebook, Like Living Among Scorpions: One Woman’s Quest to Survive Her Suburban Life, is now available!


You can see a PDF sample here!

The idea behind this project was to collect the most ridiculous stories from my crazy life that I’ve put on my blog over the years, and turn them into a collection of essays that would make for a light, fun read.

I thought I would spend a weekend on it, then throw it out there as a quick PDF. Instead, I put months of effort into it and ended up with an ebook. I hired an editor, got a great cover design, heavily revised each page, and considered every word. I wrote a new introduction and conclusion, and somehow convinced the amazing Simcha Fisher to write a foreword. I went all out to make sure Like Living Among Scorpions turned out to be a real, quality book.

Why did I put so much effort into this when my original plan was to spend only a few hours on it?

Because I realized how special these stories are to me.



As I re-read the chronicles of my life of having six babies in eight years in a small house overrun with my least favorite arachnids, I saw how much it meant to me to have the outlet my blog provided. When I read of the day I seriously thought I might die of heat stroke as my children insisted on playing on the dreaded Slip’N Slide, I shook my head and laughed at what an awful afternoon that was — and then remembered how much relief it brought me to be able to share it with friends on my blog.

I relived the story of waking to a cup with a scorpion in it being shaken in my face, and immediately I thought of how much fun I had responding to readers’ guffawing comments. I went back to the moment I had the most disastrous day ever, and the picture on the fridge that said FAMILY looked like it said FAIL — and I smiled when I remembered the flood of encouragement I received in response to that story.


I always knew that this online community meant a lot to me. But I don’t think I understood just how much you all saved my life until I pulled together the essays for Like Living Among Scorpions.

When you read it, you’ll see how crazy my life has been and how inept I’ve been at dealing with it all. You will see that I’m not kidding when I always say that I probably should have been a desert hermit. Yet you’ll also see references peppered throughout the book of blog comments or social media mentions or emails that made me feel a little less alone in the chaos. Though the overt story of this book is mainly just me and my inability to deal with everyday life, between the lines you’ll see the story of the community who held me up through it all.

I hope you enjoy reading this little ebook — it should make you feel a lot better about your life, if nothing else. And as you read, I also hope you’ll see that this is ultimately the story of someone who found an online community just when she needed it. Really, it’s the story of us.

scorpions-front-and-backOn sale now as an Amazon Kindle ebook!
(You do not need to own a Kindle to read it.
You can download the free Kindle app on any device!)



  1. TB

    So why have you stopped writing your blog if the community around it meant so much?

  2. Casey

    Congrats on the new ebook! I’m sure it will be really successful, because your writing is such a great blend of funny and insightful. I really do miss getting to read regular blog posts, and all the great comments as well. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to pay for Sirius XM, so I don’t get to listen to your show, either. I really do hope you come back to blogging more regularly, but I understand there are only so many hours in the day!

    Well, congratulations again!

  3. Judy Corippo

    Hi Jennifer, I this is my first time ever to reply to a show, and I enjoy you on the Catholic Channel. Today I was searching my husband’s Corippo family history. I did find a great blog with lots of information on the Scettrini family, who have descendents here on the coast of central California. then YOU showed up on the screen, saying in an ad that you are also a Scettrini descendent. how did that happen. ? WoW. I hope you get this message.

  4. Lisa

    I had to tear myself away from your ebook for a second to say thank you from the depths of my heart for putting this together. I’ve been laughing out loud in so many parts, but more importantly I no longer feel alone in my contempt and fear regarding the horrid, hideous bugs that have invaded our house (gigantic spiders, hairy centipedes, and bee thingys in our northern VA abode). All I can hope is that there’s a place in the world that is devoid of the above (plus scorpions and roaches) and that my husband will be transferred there. Thanks again- anti-arachnid solidarity!

  5. Mary-Angela Hartwick

    I’m just curious when and/if your new book will be available in Canada?

    • Jennifer Fulwiler

      It’s supposed to be out already in Canada! I’m traveling right now but am going to contact Amazon about that as soon as I get home!

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