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August 20, 2015 | 11 comments

I mentioned on Facebook and Twitter last week that I had big news to share. This is something that I’ve known about for a while, but wasn’t able to speak publicly about until now. And so I can’t describe how excited I am to finally be able to tell you…

I have accepted an offer from SiriusXM and the Catholic Channel to expand my weekly radio show to a daily format!


The Jennifer Fulwiler Show will now air LIVE every weekday in a two-hour slot. I’ll be on SiriusXM 129 from 2 – 4 PM Eastern, Monday – Friday!

The basic format will stay the same: the Jennifer Fulwiler Show will still consist of stories from my crazy life

Fabulous guests like Jeannie Gaffigan

Embarrassing church disasters put to music

Opinions on hotbutton issues

New prayers for life’s most absurd moments

And fake ads for products that really should exist

You are going to want to tune in to the daily show, if nothing else out of morbid curiosity. This is a thrilling but daunting turn of events, because:

  • I broadcast from my bedroom.
  • My bedroom is not very soundproof.
  • I live in a 1, 900 sq. ft., three-bedroom house.
  • I have six children ages 10 and under.
  • I still plan to homeschool.
  • I haven’t had a real job (like with a boss and deadlines and stuff) in over a decade.
  • I won’t have a co-host: it’s just me and a mic, two hours a day, every day.
  • The show is live: I’m on the air at 1 PM Central every day whether I feel ready or not.

(Remember how I was asking on social media for you to pray for me? Yeah. That’s why.)


But I’m super excited about it — mainly because it’s an opportunity to spend more time with you!

When I go on the air, I think of it as if I’m sitting down to talk with a friend over coffee or a margarita. I regularly take calls, and even with the weekly show I’ve already gotten to know some of the folks who call in, and I love talking with them. I am so excited about this chance to figure out the world, have a laugh, and share great stories together — every day!


If you have SiriusXM, tune in to Channel 129 at 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific! If you’d like to get SiriusXM, the Catholic Channel (129) is available with the following packages:

(You can add streaming service to any package, where you can listen through the app or website any time, as well as have access to archived shows on-demand.)

If you don’t have SiriusXM, I will also continue to release my free podcast once a week with excerpts from the show (available on iTunes or free podcast apps like Podcruncher).

I am probably supposed to be playing it cool about this turn of events, but I admit that I occasionally experience moments of mild trepidation. (Okay, I sometimes lie awake at night silently screaming, “I CAN’T DO THIS!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MY LIFE?!?!”) But despite all that, I am truly thrilled about doing this show. It feels right — really right — and I think it’s going to work out just fine.

The daily Jennifer Fulwiler Show begins Monday, August 31. Come join me, and let’s go have some fun.


Photo by Heather Renshaw


  1. Sarah Vabulas

    So excited for you, Jennifer! What a great opportunity. Looking forward to catching it!

  2. Becky

    Can’t wait!! I absolutely love your show and thought it was a crime to only air once a week. ? Congratulations.!

  3. Patty

    YAYYYY!! So exciting….does that mean it will be added daily to the podcast? I hope so:)

    • Jennifer Fulwiler

      I *think* the podcast will still be weekly, but it will be longer and include more stuff than it does now. 🙂

  4. Sherry Guess

    Glad to be able to hear more from you, Jen. I first saw you as guest on Marcus’ Grodi’s Journey Home show as a former atheist who came home to the fullness of truth in the Catholic Church.

  5. Juli

    Oh my word!!!! I feel nervous for you! Who will take your kid potty when your show is on and they are banging on your door screaming ” I have to go now!!!!”

  6. Eme Kurz

    Congrats Jeniffer even though I might not get to listen in. I live on the other side of planet earth…. Abuja, Nigeria… but I will definitely pray for you! Have fun!!

  7. Angela

    Yay! Congratulations!

  8. Robert Lindberg

    Congrats! … but looks like you may need to grow three more arms!

  9. Mira

    Congratulations!!! God bless you! 🙂

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