This is not going to be the post that convinces you that my radio show is a professional operation

January 28, 2016

I just finished posting the latest round of free audio from my radio show, and I wanted to highlight this one because:

1. For better or worse, the topics I cover perfectly encapsulate who I am as a radio host, and…

2. It gives me an excuse to share the best video that has ever been created by human hands.

First, the video: It’s a clip from Jimmy Kimmel’s show in which Snoop Dogg narrates the Planet Earth series. It has a million views, and they’re all from me. Behold:

(Found via Melanie Shankle’s blog, from whence every good thing comes.)

As you will hear in the audio below, this video inspired me to have fellow radio host Lino Rulli do something similar. I had him narrate a video about infant potty training using the elimination communication technique in which the mother has her baby use the sink as a toilet. The results were even more disastrous than I dreamed they could be.

I only now realized that one of the other segments I selected for this week’s podcast involved me discussing the details of a very messy tub/potty accident that occurred in our house. Allow me to take this moment to clarify that it was not my intention to release a scatalogically-themed podcast whose content revolves around babies defecating in places they were not meant to defecate, even if it does give you a very clear idea of what my radio show is like.

What you will not hear in any audio, but that is worth mentioning, is that I keep forgetting to make sure the cat is out of my room before I start the broadcast. In my defense, our favorite furry brewery souvenir has gotten in the habit of ensconcing himself on top of a tall bookshelf, so it’s easy to miss him when I do the pre-show sweep.


Can you spot the cat in this picture?

I have done multiple segments lately with the cat aggressively demanding attention by trying to crawl onto my head. Naturally, I deal with the situation like the broadcast professional I now am: by taking a bunch of selfies while I’m on the air and putting them on Facebook.


Today, the situation got even more ridiculous when I finally shooed the cat over to my desk, where he promptly plopped down on top of my Bluetooth trackpad.


My trackpad is under there somewhere

This led me on a journey of discovery in which I found that 1) having a big, furry lump pressing down on your trackpad makes your computer do strange things, and 2) it’s hard to do live radio when you can’t see your notes because your computer is doing strange things. I couldn’t even turn off Bluetooth because my laptop thought what I really wanted to do was aggressively highlight text over and over and over again.

So, clearly, the radio show is going well and I am bringing the same level of professionalism to it that I have always brought to this blog.

And on that note, enjoy this week’s free audio. You can look it up by searching for my name in iTunes, or listen right here:

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