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May 27, 2016

It’s been a whirlwind of a Spring over here with trips to London, Rome, Dallas, and New York. I’m speaking at the Eucharistic Congress in Atlanta on June 4 and am very excited to have a (mostly) lazy summer after that.


A quick update I wanted to share with you…

In one of the more surprising turns of events in recent memory, I have come to love Snapchat.

“But Jen, ” you think. “Isn’t Snapchat that annoying app whose primary use is for teens to send scandalous pictures to one another?”

I know! That’s what I thought, too! Like pretty much everyone else over the age of 17, I found the interface completely counter-intuitive and deleted it from my phone in disgust more than once.

Then a few people encouraged me to stick with it, and I finally got. By which I mean I am completely addicted. It’s like watching a mini documentary about my friends’ lives each day — I feel like I’m keeping up with the people I know in a more authentic way than on any other social media.

Anyway, a significant portion of my life is now dedicated to posting snaps, so if you want to know what’s going on with me at any given moment you can follow me on Snapchat at JenFulwiler.

Or you can find me by screenshotting this snap code (ask the nearest 14-year-old how to do it):

To convince you that there’s really cool stuff on this app outside of the Kardashians pouting and me posting pictures from my crazy life, download it and go follow the EverestNoFilter account. You can watch some crazy fools who just summited Mt. Everest!

Trust me, it’s a lot of fun once you get used to it.

I hope you have a great long weekend!


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