Pictures from a wedding dress party!

June 21, 2016

Summer is off to a rollicking start here at Casa Fulwiler! While most days we mainly continue our longstanding experiment to see how many hours children can be exposed to glowing screens before their eyeballs actually fall out, we have done some interesting / fun / insane stuff as well!

Let’s start with Haley Stewart‘s wedding dress party. Haley threw a party to celebrate her and her husband’s wedding anniversary, and she came up with the most fabulous twist: She encouraged the women to wear their actual wedding dresses!

With the help of some titanium Spanx, I actually fit into mine.


(Yes, I got married in a dark purple dress. I talk about that genius thought process in my book.)

The party was supposed to be at Haley’s place…but since she lives on a “no flush” farm with no toilets, I have to say that I wasn’t too disappointed that the location got moved to a friend’s house.


It was such a fun event —  great idea for an anniversary party!

You can hear about some of our other adventures — including an ill-fated trip to a nursing home party and a tour of a golf course involving all six kids — in the latest audio from my radio show!

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