The most powerful interview I’ve ever done: A chat about suicide, loss, and hope

April 4, 2017 | 2 comments

A tattoo Leticia got to honor her son

A tattoo Leticia got to honor her son

As you may have heard, my friend and regular radio show guest, Leticia Ochoa Adams, recently lost her oldest child to suicide. Less than a week after the funeral, I saw that we had her scheduled to come on the show. This spot had been set months before, for her to discuss the Kardashians and who’s slapping whom on the trashy reality shows she loves to watch, so I assumed we would cancel it.

But Leticia said she wanted to do it.

She said she wanted to bring the tragedy that her family had experienced out into the light.

She said that she wanted to talk openly about the fact that this loss was due to suicide, because we don’t discuss this subject enough in religious circles.

And she said she wanted to share about the unexpected blessings her family received in the midst of this horrific situation.

I normally interview guests for about 20 minutes, but I talked with Leticia for a full hour. And the result was one of the more powerful experiences of my life, and certainly the most memorable interview I’ve ever done on the show.

It’s an honor to be able to share this moment with you. You can hear it here:

If you can’t see the player, here is a direct link to the audio


  1. Malia Round

    A Profoundly candid, raw and personal reflection of loss, love and ultimately the only piece hope that will carry through…..her Faith. She is a beautiful representation of strength and her strong belief in God.

  2. Deb

    Leticia. Anthony will be with you every Sunday at mass. And you will see your beautiful son again in heaven. Thank you

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