Four powerful interviews with Edel Gathering speakers

May 17, 2017 | 1 comment


Now that I’m done ripping myself out of nacho skirts I’m ready to share some exciting news with you!

Hallie and I have searched far and wide, and have selected four amazing speakers for this year’s Edel Gathering. We have lots of space this year so there are still tickets available if you’d like to spend the weekend with us.

You can read their full bios at the Edel Gathering website, but here I want to share interviews that I’ve done with each of these speakers. Even if you can’t hang out with us in person in August, I think you’ll find yourself blown away by the wisdom they have to share.



When I interviewed Mary Lenaburg when she was out at a local event, the hardest part of my job was not breaking into sobs as I heard her story — and keeping the interview to under 100 hours. She spoke about the hope — and even the joy — that God brought into her life through her daughter’s disability. I walked away from this talk with Mary feeling less afraid of suffering that might come into my own life, more sure than ever that we’ll be able to see God at work even in the darkest times.

Mary’s interview starts at 28:00 here:

If you can’t see the player click here



When this interview first aired on my show, multiple people contacted me to say they were late for appointments because they couldn’t tear themselves away from it. In this chat, Angie Neumann clearly articulates the concept of “charisms,” gifts from God that each one of us has that we’re supposed to use to bless the world. How do you find your own charism? How can you discover how to use it? The information that Angie shares on this topic just might change your life.

Angie’s interview starts at 4:00 here:

If you can’t see the player click here



I had planned for my interview with Christina Jaloway, “The Evangelista,” to be about 25 minutes. But as soon as she started talking, I texted my producer and told her to scrap our plans for the rest of the hour, because this was GOOD. Christina shared the intimate details of her struggle as a single woman waiting for marriage, and in the process drew out universal truths that anyone can relate to. She talked about the dangers that come when we make even good things into idols; how are fear of silence can keep us from knowing what God really wants from us; and a big insight that came to her from Call the Midwife.

Christina’s interview starts at 22:00 here: 

If you can’t see the player click here



Once again the Edel Gathering will be emceed by the fabulous Haley Stewart. She’s been on my show many times, but the audio below is one of my favorite chats with her. We discussed the radical move that she and her husband made when they left their standard suburban life to move to a farm co-op (with no flushing toilets!) It was a great chat about taking risks to follow your dreams, and how each of us can live more sustainably.

Haley’s interview starts at 50:00 here:

If you can’t see the player click here

. . .

Aren’t these women incredible? I hope you’ll continue to follow them, as they all have so much more to share. And if you’d like to spend a weekend with them and hear them speak in person, come join us at the Edel Gathering!

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  1. Tammi

    I can’t wait for fun and fellowship. I am so excited to reunite with my pilgrim sisters!!!

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