June 19, 2018 | 2 comments

In this week’s highlights from my SiriusXM radio show:

  • (00:00:00)- The cartoon Peppa Pig got in trouble for an episode in which Peppa learns that “spiders are your friends.” My team and I create an alternate episode in which Peppa lives in Texas and learns about all the spiders that can kill you.

  • (00:30:51)- A man almost dies because he was bitten by a SEVERED RATTLESNAKE HEAD. I react to an article on this topic that tells people not to kill rattlesnakes.

  • (00:50:03)- I tell everyone I’m going to create an album of Flag Day songs just because no one else writes songs about this holiday, and I play a preview of the album.

You can look up The Jennifer Fulwiler Show on iTunes, or listen right here:

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  1. Rebecca aka. Respect2Glory

    That’s a naughty piggy writer. I hate when writers do that. Are there any GOOD cartoons for our kids anymore? I mean besides Veggie Tales. I watch cartoons with my son and have to correct them. We started reading a Children’s Bible, and I have to correct that too, because GOD made everything out of nothing. Almost daily, I’m praying, “Come, LORD Jesus, come!”.

    GOD bless you and yours in all of life’s endeavors. Jesus makes all the difference!

  2. Ernie

    I hope Peppa Pig has learned his lesson! I remember when my kids were little they used to insist that red ants could kill you and they would swear that they had all just seen a red ant at our local pool in Chicago. How do rumors get started?

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