How I went from pro-choice to pro-life

Jennifer Fulwiler

Jennifer Fulwiler; Photo by Martina Kreitzer

Below is the recording of a talk I gave for Respect Life month in October of 2010. I shared my pro-choice to pro-life conversion story, walking listeners  step-by-step through the thought process that led to my change of mind on this most heated of issues (including a bonus story of how I had the most epic socially awkward moment ever when I ended up in the midst of the March for Life counter-protest).

Our friend and media guru Paul was kind enough to get it on video, and I’ll post that later. For now, here’s the audio. It’s 25 minutes long.

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To download the MP3 file to your computer, right-click this link (or control-click on Mac) and choose “Save As.”

(Also, in case you’re wondering what the commotion is around the seven-minute mark, I invited sensitive listeners or those with children to step out of the room for a moment.)

If you’d like to read the two articles that the talk is based on, you can find them here: