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One Beautiful Dream

The Rollicking Tale of Personal Passions, Family Chaos, and Saying Yes to Them Both

The book is a humorous memoir that chronicles what I learned about work, family, and pursuing personal passions in the midst of having six babies and eight years. It’s an intimate look at the struggles I went through while trying to find some way to use my God-given gifts while still putting my family first.

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The Word Is Out About

“When I finished reading the very last line of One Beautiful Dream, I applauded. What a treat this book is! And if you’ve ever struggled with wanting to give family life everything you have but wondering how your God-given passions fit in with that, you’re going to be so encouraged by Jen’s story. There is so much grace in these pages, so many accounts of how creatively the Lord cares and provides for us as we walk out our callings with our families. One Beautiful Dream is hilarious, life-giving, and tender – an all-the-way-real reminder that sometimes, when life looks nothing like we expected, it’s so much better than we could have ever imagined.”

Sophie Hudson

author of Giddy Up, Eunice and co-host of The Big Boo Cast

“Jennifer Fulwiler takes us on the wild ride of one woman’s struggle to balance work and family duties in a house full of babies. Readers will guffaw, cringe, and ultimately walk away inspired as they come come to see their own dreams in One Beautiful Dream.”

Raymond Arroyo

New York Times Best Selling Author/ Broadcaster

“All we need to do is be who God made us to be. That’s an arduous joy and Jennifer Fulwiler is honest and heartfelt and funny about it. The universal call to holiness looks different for each one of us — and is often something of a mess by worldly standards. Fulwiler is a tremendous friend to have on the journey. Jennifer Fulwiler – and this book – will help you and those you love. One Beautiful Dream will help you love with greater freedom, which, as Pope Francis has emphasized, is God’s dream for us. Reading this book is an encounter with God’s dream for you.  You’ll also laugh and cry with her and come to quickly love her and her family!”

Kathryn Jean Lopez

senior fellow, The National Review Institute & editor-at-large, National Review

“It would be enough to read One Beautiful Dream for its hilarity. Enough to read it for its brilliant insights and powerful writing. Enough to read it for the rollicking story of how Jen Fulwiler found her best self while losing herself under laundry for eight and diapers and the weight of an audacious dream. But when you combine it all, you’ll find a breathtaking look at a modern family life built on ancient truths. Grab this book and devour it for the soul-satisfying nourishment it delivers.”

Julie Lyles Carr

author of Raising an Original: Parenting Each Child According to Their Unique God-Given Temperament and host of The Modern Motherhood Podcast

“Jennifer Fulwiler is a great writer, plain and simple. And a deep thinker. Combine all that with a cutting sense of humor and you’ve got an immensely readable story. Oh, and it will change the way you think about family life forever. Other than that, this isn’t much of a book.”

Patrick Lencioni

Best-selling Author, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and The Three Big Questions for a Frantic Family and Co-founder, The Amazing Parish

“I believe the family is the center of everything but for those of us fighting the battle to hold ours together, the first casualty is often ourselves.  One Beautiful Dream is a must-read for everyone who is pouring their whole heart and love into nurturing their children while struggling to maintain their own creativity and identity. You really can “have it all” but it just may not be the way you expect. Jennifer Fulwiler’s funny, poignant, and oh so personal writing style makes reading this book like a fantastic conversation with a dear friend. You will find yourself crying and laughing along with this epic journey of personal discovery.”

Jeannie Gaffigan

Executive Producer, Head Writer, The Jim Gaffigan Show

“Marvelous! This book will breathe life into so many hollowed parents who feel stuck between their families and side passions. Most of us wonder, how can we do both? How can we be devoted family people and live out our personal dreams? This refreshing memoir shows the way. It’s not a fluffy, self-help guide. The book is deliciously witty, insightful, absorbing, and offers one motivational epiphany after another, each punching a hole in the Resistance blocking us from our dreams. If every parent read this, families would become dream incubators, not where passions go dormant.”

Brandon Vogt

bestselling author and founder of ClaritasU

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Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Fulwiler is a writer, a speaker, and the host of The Jennifer Fulwiler Show, airing daily on SiriusXM channel 129. She is the author of the bestselling memoir Something Other than God, which chronicles her unlikely journey from atheism to faith. Jennifer is the cofounder of the Edel Gathering, a women’s conference that promotes spiritual renewal through good company and bad karaoke. She has been a guest on Fox and Friends, HuffPost Live, and multiple shows on the worldwide EWTN network. She lives with her husband and six children in Austin, Texas.