Something Other than God – Questions for Discussion

1. One of the big themes of the book is about how we tend to seek fulfillment in something other than God (hence the title). Jennifer was seeking fulfillment in career and a worldly lifestyle. What are other ways that people tend to seek happiness in something other than God?

2. Most of us have encountered atheists at some point or another. Is there anything that you would change about the way you dialogue with atheists after reading Something Other than God?

3. Jennifer found God initially through reading and research. What are some other ways that different types of people might encounter God? What is the main way that you connect with the divine?

4. One of Jennifer’s big realizations on the road to conversion was that evil always works through lies — people who commit evil always have a story to tell themselves about why what they are doing is actually good. Think of an example of someone committing an evil act, and come up with a story they might tell themselves to justify it.

5. In the epilogue, Jennifer talks about how she was baptized Catholic when she was a baby. What does this teach us about the power of this sacrament? Is there enough discussion in the modern Church about the importance of baptism?